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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Dubai

If you’re a fitness freak, you need to include deep tissue massage in your health regimen frequently. The deep tissue massage is a longer process wherein the therapist go to the lower layer of connective tissues. The New Heaven Massage is one of the most popular destinations for deep tissue massage in Dubai as it offers a complete relaxation to your body and the spirit. The therapists apply sustained pressure, using deep and slow rhythmic strokes, targeting the inner layers of muscles and connecting tissues. This helps breaking up scar tissues and reducing muscle tension. Following the massage session, your body will be far more efficient in burning calories. Less stressed and relaxed muscles provide you an increased range of body motions. The deep tissue massage offers a state of relaxed mind as it boosts-up ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. In contrast, it also slows down the formation of stress-causing hormones.

With the boost in serotonin release, the massage will offer you a better sleep. Deep tissue massage also helps treating knots related to the stress, overworked muscles and connecting tissues. It helps alleviating immediate pain, muscle and joint pain. It promotes faster healing by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. For the top-class deep tissue massage in Business Bay, the New Heaven Massage is the best choice. Itt not only improves muscle and tissue health, it also betters your overall personality. So, come to us and get the most out of the deep tissue massage. The benefits of tissue massage last much longer than what you actually expect. Our therapists optimize the benefits of massage and after the therapy is over, surely you’ll notice a marked increase in your overall physical and psychological performance.

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