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Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage in Dubai

The new Heaven Massage is one of the most trusted places for massage therapy. Our full body massage treats pain, injury and the stress. For full body massage, Dubai, the New Heaven Massage is the most preferred place. We offer health and relaxation to ‘every body’ and hence, hands above the rest. The full body massage is a bliss and after the massage is over, your body goes in full activation mode. Our traditional full body massage stimulates your nervous system and offers multiple benefits. It wakes up your muscles, organs and glands, improves the blood and lymph fluid flow and releases multitude of beneficial hormones. The full body massage helps you look younger as it reverses the stress effects. The gentle exfoliation that our experts offer, allows fresh skin cells to emerge. Your nervous system enters in digestive mode and tight muscles may be relieved. Importantly, hormones that regulate menstrual cycle, sleep-wake cycle, immune cells, blood sugar and food intake, all react positively.

The massage improves musculoskeletal system encouraging fresh blood and oxygen flow. It also drains out lymphatic system, and the lymph nodes filter out dead cells, waste products and pathogens. The massage improves bone blood supply and it brings calcium and other minerals to your bones, supporting their functions and strength. Precisely, your skeletal system gets a major boost from the massage. It also improves your cardiovascular health with better blood circulation throughout the body. It is known to regulate blood pressure and heart rate and hence, saves you from a number of serious ailments. The full body massage in Business Bay also has a very healthy effect on your digestive system. It improves unrestricted breathing, one of the fastest roads to stress reduction.

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