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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Dubai

The New Heaven Massage is committed to your wellness and offers divine hot stone therapy. Come to us and feel happy and precious. Our hot stone massage in Dubai makes you feel impeccable and joyous with your body. The therapy helps you feel the connection with mind and the soul. Contact us and feel the energy, feel the magic. During the hot stone massage, stones are immersed in the hot water and then placed on the specific parts of the body. Thereafter, other techniques of the regular massage are applied. Our therapists use smooth and flat stones for the therapy, usually made of volcanic rock called basalt. These stones are applied in hot stone massage as they have the property to retain heat. The stones are placed in hot water and then applied to the body. The specific areas where therapy works the most include the back, stomach, the face, hand, and the feet.

Our therapists hold the stone in their hands and then apply it to whole body. This helps them to get deeper into the muscles without applying much pressure. Occasionally, cold stones can also be applied on the face. Cold temperature helps calm down swollen blood vessels and soothes warm skin. This therapeutic treatment has originated almost 2,000 years ago and now used world over. We offer the most authentic hot stone massage in Business Bay. In addition to the deep relaxation, you tend to get many other benefits. The technique is helpful in pain management and people with different conditions including autoimmune disorders have experienced symptom relief. The hot stone massage helps in lessening pain and improving range of motions. The therapy also reduces anxiety and stress and improves cardiovascular health. People with certain joint disorders are also benefitted. Muscle spasms cause a lot of pain but the hot stone massage reduces the inflammation, causing troubles.

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