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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage in Dubai

Get the most authentic and traditional shiatsu massage in Dubai, enjoy the good life. At the New Heaven Massage, the heavenly shiatsu massage makes you feel divine. The therapy originated in Japan and has been practiced widely in the world. Shiatsu means finger pressure that describes the therapy . Here, pressure is applied to the pressure points of the body. This therapy believes that the body and the mind need to be in balance with their surroundings. The technique highlights that our body has internal energy called ‘qi’ or vital energy and this energy gets blocked to cause sufferings. The therapy helps removing these blockages while realigning meridian points. This balances ‘qi’ and eases the body and the mind. The nervous and immune systems are stimulated by applying pressure. The therapy also restores the circulatory system, improving blood flow throughout the entire body. The power of human touch in shiatsu massage is extra-ordinary and it affects your emotional and physical wellbeing.

During massage, kneading, rocking and static pressure have therapeutic nagic on the tired and aching body and the mind. The therapy not only rejuvenates you but make you feel lighter and less sluggish. In this therapy, the restricted or blocked flow of the energy is released through the acupuncture points and trigger points. If you’re a fitness freak, this massage could compliment your fitness plan. The body has 12 meridians, named according to the corresponding organs. Shiatsu massage is helpful restoring and maintaining body’s energy. The therapy is especially beneficial for those suffering with fatigue and overall weakness. It reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. The therapy promotes healings and injuries. It offers great relief to those suffering with arthritis. For the most effective shiatsu massage in Business Bay, the New Heaven Massage is the only address.

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