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Thai Massage

Thai Massage in Dubai

he New Heaven Massage offers indulgent luxury for mind, body and the soul. We’re excellent in the traditional Thai massage for smart, safe and effective healthcare. Our professional therapists are more than eager to help you, meeting your wellness goals. Our Thai massage is not just a treat but a powerful treatment. We listen to your body’s wisdom for relaxed and rejuvenated life. Our Thai massage changes your health and ultimately the lifestyle. So, it’s your turn now to enjoy the most professional massage in the most tranquile settings. For the awesome Thai massage in Business Bay, most of the people prefer the New Heaven Massage. Our parlour is a holistic destination promising a treasure trove of relaxation and wellness. The traditional Thai massage has been around for over 2500 years and this healing art has influences from both – Ayurveda and Thai medicines. Our therapists use pulling, rocking and stretching techniques and focus on improving the energy flow throughout the body. You get science-backed benefits, when you visit us.

Our Thai massage is designed to create the inner-balance and harmony that offers a greater sense of connectivity within.

The indigenous Thai massage is a practical way to rejuvenate the whole self. It’s a curative and healing practice and not just a spa treat. In essence, Thai massage involved being gently moved into yoga like positions, when the expert therapist use hands and feet following energy lines in the body. He/she applies pressure with rhythmic movements. It’s a full body treatment as the therapist works on every part of the body. Enjoying Thai massage here means, you’ve truely experienced a whole depth of relaxation. Thai massage resonates throughout your whole being and is deeply transformative. This meditational therapy also eases muscle and joint pains. So, for the best Thai massage in Dubai, rely only on us.

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